There are four primary schools in Oud-Reeshof.

You can come and see us on Saturday, March 9. Then the Open Schools Route will be in Oud-Reeshof. These schools will be open so that you and your child can come and see what it is like with us.

Open Schools Route

9 maart 2024
09.30-12.30 hours

Child center
de Fonkel

Together with the public primary school De Fonkel, we are Child Center De Fonkel, where all families and children from all backgrounds are welcome.

We offer day care (0-4 years), toddler care and after-school care. This is before and after school care for children. Our child center is open from Monday to Friday from 7 am to 7 pm.

De Wegwijzer
Primary school

We offer children meaningful and challenging education in an attractive, promising and safe learning environment. We want children to develop maximally from a positive sense of self-esteem and to face the future with confidence.

We make a difference through child-oriented education and playful learning. The (T)living room, Lefland, the TaalTuin and the Parelklas (for children with very difficult learning) offer great opportunities for appropriate education.

Public elementary school

Anyone can learn anything

At Hartevelden children learn to read and calculate well. We teach children about the world around us and how to interact well with each other. We give the children confidence and assume that everyone can learn everything! Every child deserves a strong future and we guide them in that.

Hartevelden, good education for you!

Helen Parkhurst

Dalton School Helen Parkhurst is a primary school where students feel safe and valued. There is room to discover and develop talents and there is a good mix between independence and collaboration. At our school, students and teachers learn life together in a pleasant way.

Dalton School Helen Parkhurst is a Giftedness Profile School. By differentiating the instruction we offer children, with our theme-oriented education and with the TalentLab, we offer challenging and appropriate education to gifted and gifted students within their own familiar school and living environment.

Special primary education

In Oud-Reeshof there is also a school for special primary education, Westerwel. At Westerwel we utilize the full potential of every student. We have three important principles in our approach:

  1. We believe it is important that every student can develop into a strong person who knows what his strengths and weaknesses are;
  2. We want every student to score as high as possible in our lesson components. We therefore make every effort to get the most out of every student;
  3. We believe that education is a social process. We therefore prefer to teach in groups, so that children can learn from each other and with each other.