Daycare centers and after-school care

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Creative daycare center Vrijmoet / Culture BSO Studio T

Does your child look at the world with wonder and creativity?

At Vrijmoe, children can grow through trial, error, discovery and wonder. There is no set plan, just an immense mountain of curiosity. Using various artistic disciplines, we stimulate your little world traveler’s urge to explore.

Is your child at school and does your child wake up every day with a song in his head, are all the found pocket treasures transformed into new works of art, do the clouds that float by form a new animal every time? Or is your child very creative in another way? Then Cultuur BSO Studio-T is a great BSO where your child can be wonderfully creative.

We pick up children from every primary school in Tilburg Reeshof.

Childcare Huibeven

Huibeven Daycare Center is part of Huibeven Children’s Center, an attractive and personal Children’s City Campus in Tilburg Reeshof. Children from 0 to 4 years are welcome at our daycare center. In the spacious, modern and, above all, colorful building, children of all ages come together to play and learn.

Farm Childcare Reeshoeve

Reeshoeve Childcare Farm is located in the middle of the Reeshof: an old farm that has been transformed for childcare and after-school care. And with real animals that we care for together.

Located on the Langendijk cycle path between the B and G neighborhood and the Geschworen Hoek district, the Reeshoeve is very accessible for children aged 0 – 13 years.

Child center
De Fonkel

Together with the public primary school De Fonkel, we are Child Center De Fonkel, where all families and children from all backgrounds are welcome.

We offer day care (0-4 years), toddler care and after-school care. This is before and after school care for children. Our child center is open from Monday to Friday from 7 am to 7 pm.

Sport BSO Reeshof

Does your child love sports? Then you have come to the right place at Sport BSO Reeshof!
Children can enjoy sports and exercise here after school. We have artificial grass fields and three sports halls where we can enjoy sports with the kids. We offer children a wide sports program, from break dancing and gymnastics to free running, from yoga to indoor football. You don’t have to be an expert in sports to have a great time here. Enjoying sports and exercise is our priority!

We have a group for children aged four to seven and a group for children aged 8 and over.
We provide free transport from all schools in the Reeshof.