Everyone in the Oud-Reeshof neighbourhood belongs here. All the children and the adults. Every single child is allowed to take part, in (outdoor) play, activities and education. All parents also get the same chances. There are organisations in Oud-Reeshof that make sure you also get those equal opportunities. Not everyone knows that. So, you can read about them below.

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Everyone is allowed to take part

It is important that everyone feels they belong in Oud-Reeshof. And you belong to that group, together with all the neighbourhood’s other residents. Children and their parents or carers all get the same chances. Nobody is left out. As a result, children make more friends. And so parents and carers get more contacts.

Important topics in Oud-Reeshof

Charlie can help you and your child get ahead. Charlie does so using eight important topics. Belonging is one of these topics. The other topics are:

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