There are many places in the Oud-Reeshof neighbourhood where your child can play outside, do sports and get exercise. For example, your child can go to a park or playground or try playing sports at Try Out Tilburg. Many people don’t know about these playgrounds and organisations. So, you can read here about all the places where children can play outside, do sports and get exercise in the Oud-Reeshof neighbourhood.

Your child can play sports and get exercise here


Growing up healthy

It is important for children to grow up healthy. Playing outdoors and getting exercise help them do so. That is why children can take part in games in playgrounds and at sports fields in the Oud-Reeshof neighbourhood. They get exercise and relax in this way. It helps them develop and have fun. This way, children can make friends and play (outdoors) together.

Important topics in Oud-Reeshof

Charlie can help you and your child get ahead. Charlie does so using eight important topics. Exercise is one of these topics. The other topics are:

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