You trust your child to make wise and conscious choices. This is how you teach your child to take responsibility. And to take good care of themselves and others. Children start learning this at playgroup, day-care and school, but there are also organisations in the Oud-Reeshof neighbourhood that can help you with this. Not everyone knows about these organisations. So, you can read them below.

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Learning to take responsibility

Encourage your child to make decisions. They also learn to take responsibility themselves that way. This means they need less help doing so. The child becomes more confident this way. That applies at home, at school and in the community. This is how children grow up and learn to take an active and responsible role.

Important topics in Oud-Reeshof

Charlie can help you and your child get ahead. Charlie does so using eight important topics. Responsibility is one of these topics. The other topics are:

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