As a parent or carer and child, you form a loving family. You love each other. And you give the best possible care. But you sometimes have questions or doubts about it, or are unable to provide loving care. In that case, parents and carers can get help in the Oud-Reeshof neighbourhood. Not everyone knows that. So, you can read about it here.

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Living in a pleasant environment

Every child wants to grow up in a nice house. Together with loving parents or carers who offer help with everything. Children and their parents or carers like their home to be pleasant. And want everyone to be friendly and cheerful. The situation at home has a big effect on the rest of a child’s life. Are things going well at home? In that case, things at school and with friends often go well too. Things at home not too great? If so, you can get help in the neighbourhood. You’re not all alone!

Important topics in Oud-Reeshof

Charlie can help you and your child get ahead. Charlie does so using eight important topics. Loving care is one of these topics. The other topics are:

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