A child’s development starts early. After all, you start off talking to the baby, then read to, play games and go outside with the child to explore and play. There are also other places in the Oud-Reeshof neighbourhood where children can develop. For example, at day-care centres and primary schools. Children are given chances and help there to develop new knowledge and talents. Not everyone knows that. So, you can read about them below.

Personal development starts here


Developing talents

From baby to teenager: a child learns at every stage of life. It is important that your child is supported and given chances to do so. This allows her or him to develop talents. The child then learns new knowledge and skills in the best possible way. This way, the child also gains confidence in itself and in others.

Important topics in Oud-Reeshof

Charlie can help you and your child get ahead. Charlie does so using eight important topics. Developing is one of these topics. The other topics are:

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